Pays de la Loire France Preservation Jazz

What if we created an association that would help New Orleans musicians come to France and stay for holidays, while discovering the Pays de la Loire? The area has a rich history and culture (musical, culinary, artistic) and it has a river -the majestic Loire that crosses the Region as the Mississippi meanders across Louisiana.

This idea came to Claus Walkstein, president and founder of the association, at the time of the 50th anniversary of Preservation Hall (1962-2012) -the historic traditional jazz place and social club that enabled old musicians to earn a little money and tips while bringing to light again the music and swing of their youth. This is where “revival jazz” was born. It is the most striking expression of its time and it mixes real social suffering (because of the segregation) with moments of pure joy that are brought together by the simplicity of the music played without any music sheet. Revival jazz is both popular and traditional; it is a non-smart jazz that comes right from the heart. Musicians and instruments melt together and form a single entity that vibrates to the rhythm of collective improvisations. It is sometimes plaintive, and sometimes cheerful, but it is always an invitation to dance.